Norah Grace Melvin | Age:4 | Fayetteville, NC


We are so excited to introduce Norah Grace Melvin as the first interview in community. She is an amazing little girl with so much energy and insight about the future. Charles and I are always inspired by her imagination and ability to dream big. I had the chance to sit down and interview this brilliant little human and I was so encouraged by her perspective on the world. I hope you enjoy the first installment of Community with Norah Grace Melvin.    

- Jamie W. 

So Norah, What are you drawing now?  
 I made a comic book… It was a story…I still like to make flowers, but not crazy ones at home. I like to draw all things. Like Mermaids. Last time I drew mommy a crazy picture. It was a sad picture and then I made a vampire picture of me. It was scary…. Mommy you said “Ahhhh”! 
Oh my gosh. So why do you like to draw?   
Because I want to trick mommy because I want to be funny? 
Haha you want to be funny. I have another question. What is your favorite thing to wear right now.  
My Pajamas (giggles)… I mean my favorite princess dresses. The frozen one. Yea the elsa dress. Oh my dresses have to get cleaned! 
They have to get cleaned (chuckles).   
They are in the was….dryer! 
Oh Norah. So who is your best friend now that you are not in school anymore?  
Your mommy? 
She’s your best friend now?  
It’s Maverick! It’s him. Sometimes he comes to our house. The last time we were eating popsicles outside on the porch and we ate lunch. Then we made sandcastles and sand cookies… and then I woke up the next morning and I was like where is he?
What is your favorite thing about yourself?  
Taking baths… I mean going to the beach with my family… My favorite thing is to laugh too! My favorite is to play by myself with my kitty or my Jeffrey (her stuffed animal). I like my kitty. 
What is your kitty’s name now?
It has the same name, Mr. Nevilles. 
Where did you get the name from?    
At the vet! 
(chuckles) Are you sure you didn’t hear this name on TV?   
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! 
So what do you think about the Coronavirus right now? 
I, I really. So last time I was inside the pizza store I forgot to wear my mask and I didn’t (chuckles). I didn’t want anybody to cough on me (holds hand over mouth), so this is what I did. 
Do you like wearing a mask?   
Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t wear my mask because…because kids don’t have to wear the masks all the time. Mommy’s and Daddy’s have to wear Maskies! 
Are you ready for Coronavirus to be over?  
Yes…It’s spring. Because I don’t like it. Is it going to stay forever? 
Hopefully not.  
The first time going to like Harris Teeter, I saw people wear masks! I said what are those things? 
What is your favorite part about school?  
We get to play games. Do you know what my NOT favorite part is… lunchtime. I don’t like it. They made me eat not my favorite. They make try the yucky tuna sandwich.  I do not like tuna! My mom doesn’t like tuna either. I do not like that tuna sandwich. I really really like the cheese sandwiches. The cheese sandwiches are my favorite! 
How do you like your new house and living in Fayetteville and being close to your family? 
I love the new house and my favorite part of the new house is playing with my mom. Yes I like to visit my Aunt Sonyin. I see them 10 times a week! Isn’t that so crazy! You know a good number? One Million!  
What is your favorite part about Fayetteville?   
Arcade! Can we go again today? Tomorrow? It’s for kids and I always play the Mario cart and I am always Peach! 
What do you while your mommy is working?  
Interrupt her! I try to tell her something and point on her back! I also play my Switch with my favorite SpongeBob game and my new Mario game! I just play games and talk to my friends… and ABC MOUSE (sings ABC mouse song) 
What do you want to be when you grow up?  
I want to be everything! I want to be the cowgirl first, then the next day I do the farmer, then the next day I do the police, then the next day in a hospital, then the next day I am like the doctor, then the next day I do the firework (a firefighter)… and the next day I work at the store. I work everywhere on the whole planet. 
So why do you want to be a cowgirl or farmer?  
Because… because I like it. Did you know that Aunt Sean is a cowboy? Uncle Sean works at the cowboy thing. Does he have a lot of friends? I am already a cowgirl and they are rock stars. 
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?   
Spider woman power and with my webs I can fly with my webs! 
So would you use your superpowers for good or bad?   
I would be a superhero! 
What is the funniest thing that you have ever done?  
Trick mommy with making weird pictures! My funniest joke is… I fall off of my bed upside down and I say “OWWW”. Knock knock…? 
Who’s there?   
Banana Who?   
Banana Poo Poo!
Thank you so much for supporting this little artist now and as she grows through her college fund.  Donate here:  
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